3149 in 1 edition PCB3149 in 1 edition PCB

3149 in 1 edition PCB

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***ATX Power Supply with P4 connector required for operation***

JAMMA ready arcade system containing 3149 amazing ready to play games. The game selection menu is easy to understand and navigate. To select a game, simply scroll through the list and press your button to select. At anytime during the active game, the player can return back to main game selection menu by holding in the start button for 3 seconds! The 3149-in-1 is a hard drive computer based system. It can support up to 4 players via a remote 3/4P Interfacing card (which connects into another JAMMA cabinet so TWO cabinets are LINKED TOGETHER!).

Features: Supports Horizontal mounted monitors only. Universal JAMMA Connector. User Friendly Game Selection Screen. P4 Motherboard using genuine Intel Processor and hard drive system! 2.4 Pentium Processor. 120gb Hard Drive. User Adjustable Game Options (Game Dip Switch Settings; Number of Lives, Difficulty, etc). Pre-Installed Multigame emulators software. Supports 1-4 Player Games (players 3 & 4 via linking - kit included). Supports two-channel audio (Stereo Sound). Supported Video Modes; CGA Standard (15kHz), PAL (15kHz), Medium (24kHz), and VGA (31kHz). Supports Upright Cabinets Only (will not flip screen for cocktails). Set Coin/Credit Ratio of All Games with One Setting Supports a Coin Counter. Enable One Game (for a dedicated machine if desired) or All Games. Enable/Disable Individual Game Categories From Showing. Sorted Games Listing menu by game type. Supports a Usb/Ps2 Trackball. High score save. Delete/Undelete Each Game.

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